Saturday, April 21, 2007

Winter walking pictures

Here are a few pictures of the daily walks we had while there was snow on the ground (the skiing ended around April 17th.) These pictures were taken on March 3rd.

We were walking home from the ski trails, but another skier was much smarter and faster than we were.

Anthony walking in the forest 500 meters from our apartment. He's carrying one of the wonderful prizes they routinely give away at ski races here (through the course of the winter our collective winnings included: a lot of chocolate; this giant trophy; champagne; cognac; special bungee cord for doing arm strength; Tupperware; a picture frame; a 3-Disc DVD player/Karaoke Machine (yes, really); and most recently a really nice pair of avanti ski poles.) We look forward to re-gifting some of these prizes because they probably wouldn't travel well back to the US.


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