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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Camp Pendleton Home

The Dutchman Duck Pop-up Camper and the Honda Fit. Spacious accommodations out in the middle of Camp Pendleton.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

And there's cooked fish at the other end.
Rolled fish.
Not as raw fish.
Fish--raw fish.
There is fish at each and every meal! Fresh, raw fish!!!


This is the dining room--they have one big ballroom set aside for the athletes for the whole two weeks. It's buffet style, come when you want during each meal time. (each meal lasts 4 hours, so there's lots of time to eat as much as you could possibly want. especially if it includes fish)
These piles of rocks are piles of wishes--people place rocks on the pile and make a wish!

The living room of our condo, the girls team and guys team each have their own condos.
Home Sweet Home for the next two weeks. This tower of condos is really nice, there's actually another 6 floors below this level. We have great rooms, it's really nice, it just takes forever on the elevators....f..o...r...e...v...e...r.

The food-court at a wayside rest along the highway. There was English all over, starting in the airport. Even a small town near our venue had quite a few English signs.
On the bus from Seoul to Peyong Chang. The event organizers did a great job of getting us where we had to be. There were several people waiting for me when I got off the plane, and it was the same for each athlete/group of athletes that trickled in. Rifle transport is a very serious issue--the rifles have to be transported in separate vehicles than their owners.

We found out afterward that these grass mounds are actually graves. The tradition is to cremate and then throw over water or bury like this.
I'm in S. Korea (Pyeong Yang) for Biathlon World Championships. I'll add a few pictures of all the neat things we've seen on this trip. Just outside Seoul there is not much snow....and things proves to be a theme for the the first weekend of races.


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