Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A 50th Anniversary

For the past week and a half, Carolyn and I have been in Vail, Colorado with my dad's whole extended family helping my grandparents celebrate their fiftieth anniversary. Even my grandpa's cousins from Italy and one of the sons came in for the event. The Alaskan contingent (John & Katie) made sure we had the obligatory family reunion t-shirts, and there were quite a few large family dinners an gatherings over the weekend. We even managed to drag almost the entire family up Vail Mountain for a hike with the aid of the gondola.
In general, Carolyn and I have been caught up in the usual Colorado activities, hiking, rafting, and roller skiing. In particular, today my dad, Carolyn, Ana, and I hiked up Mount of the Holy Cross. It is one of Colorado's 14,000 footers, and was quite a long hike. However, the weather was beautiful and not too hot. We leave tomorrow to return to New Hampshire.


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